Eight reasons to book Fur Family Photos to photograph your pet...

  1. Capture this time of their life. Whether they are young and playful, faithful and strong or respected elder, capture it now, before it passes. You will treasure the memory.

  2. Record their progress as they grow. We have special offers for our return subjects.

  3. We get the shots that others can't. We know how to produce great pics of even the most uncooperative animal.
  4. We know what it takes to photograph difficult subjects. Can't see the face in the fur? We can! We have the experience, the training and the equipment to overcome those 'technical' challenges.
  5. Our photos look better and last longer. Professional equipment produces crisper, clearer images and quality prints that you'll be proud to display in your home.
  6. We come to you. The best shots happen when your pet is relaxed and enjoys the session. We get great shots of you pet at their most natural, in familiar surroundings.

  7. It's the perfect gift. A unique gift idea for the dedicated animal lover. And, yes, we will photograph people with their pets.

  8. Guaranteed results. We guarantee that we will get results. If you are not happy with the images we take, we will re-shoot for free. Still not happy? Then you get your money back.

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